Iowa Governmental
Health Care Program

IGHCP is a benefits trust for shared risk pooling among public employers in the state of Iowa. Its unique design allows entities to enter into the trust based on claims experience, plan design, and demographics. The entities are then pooled at renewal, using total claims experience to develop renewal strategies.

How IGHCP achieves economic value

UPON ENTRY, groups who join IGHCP 28 E Trust exercise greater economic value, as risk and resources are pooled to achieve economies of scale.

AT RENEWAL, groups are pooled together to create a premium-to-claims loss ratio.

THE PARTIAL SELF-FUNDING allows groups to use savings to build reserves.

IGHCP makes sense
Key IGHCP features
  • Flexibility in benefit options:
    • More than 20 core benefit plans are offered from Wellmark- which are reviewed annually — to provide the best options to our customers.
    • IGHCP is set up to be partial self-funding, which allows for countless additional plan designs to help with contractual benefit needs.
  • In general, larger accounts are more credible. This allows for increased rate of stability from year to year. Also, larger accounts are more administratively efficient, allowing lower administrative fees based on the size of the 28 E Trust.
  • The pooling level is based on a group size that allows the trust to have a higher pooling level of $150,000. This reduces the fixed pooling charge for the Trust.
  • The trust helps control the renewal cost through pooling and to help reduce the volatility caused by large claims.
  • Consolidated billing provided as part of the Iowa Governmental Health Care Program 28E Trust.